Océ introduces Océ CS2044 Multifunctional

'Successful colour' now extended to copying and scan-to-file

Venlo, the Netherlands, 13 October 2006—Océ now takes the 'successful colour' theme of the Océ CS2044 colour printer an important step further by adding easy-to-use copy and scan-to-file functionality. The new Océ CS2044 Multifunctional offers simple, intuitive operation for all functions, ensuring outstanding colour results every time.

Professional colour results with minimal time and effort

The Océ CS2044 Multifunctional integrates the proven Océ CS2044 wide format colour printer and the Océ CS4142 colour scanner, which handles documents with widths of up to 42 inches. Key to operation of the complete system is professional results with minimal time and effort. There is no need for manual adjustments, trial and error or operator training. The Océ Colour Copy Lite software supplied as standard is the system's easy-to-use control centre. It includes the Océ 'green button' for instant, single-touch copies and scans that are always right first time. 

Meets every need for printing, copying and scan-to-file

With the new Océ CS2044 Multifunctional users can meet all their wide format colour document needs. Next to printing, these start with copying of hard-copy documents, which is still a frequent requirement for release, distribution and service purposes. As well as that, the Océ CS2044 Multifunctional allows simple scanning of hard-copy documents to secure, easily accessible digital files. Scanned document files can also be sent to any required destination by email in just a single action. Users can also copy documents to remote printers at any locations on their networks with the optional Océ Colour Copy Full version software.

Ideal for print providers and corporate printrooms

The Océ CS2044 Multifunctional is the ideal all-purpose colour solution for both professional print service providers and smaller corporate printrooms or departments. For print providers the system enables efficient and profitable handling of all wide format colour originals, with quick, accurate copying and scan-to-file. As well as over-the-counter delivery, print providers can save time by emailing files of scanned originals direct to their customers.
While for corporate printrooms the Océ CS2044 Multifunctional supports the transition to colour in both technical drawings and graphic arts materials. Its high flexibility allows printrooms to meet all in-house demands without costly outsourcing; from a few colour copies up to large-scale email distribution of released drawings.

Simple operation and economic cost of ownership

Users of wide format colour documents at all levels can benefit from the simple operation and economic cost of ownership of the Océ CS2044 Multifunctional. The system combines the proven benefits of the Océ CS2044 wide format colour printer and the Océ CS4142 colour scanner with the intuitive ease of use of the standard Océ Colour Copy Lite software. Although the scanner and copier are functionally integrated, the two separate units simply installation and access to the system in different user environments. 

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